About the bundle
A bundle of four short games by Cozy Game Pals.
Each game contains in in-game menu so players can vote for their favorite game. The most favorited game will get a full-sized sequel.
Announcement Trailer
Toyko Snap
Visual novel inspired by Pokemon Snap and Instagram
Spend a week in Tokyo to get some great photos for your feed. Learn the latest fashion trends, make friends, and take the perfect pictures to rack up likes on Street Snaps.
Smuggle Buddies
Co-operative hack-and-slash action
Play with your friends to beat up monsters and protect your loot! Switch between different classes on the fly to fight and survive against a variety of enemies. Play locally or online in this co-op hack-and-slash action game.
Jump Doper
Reflex-testing arcade action
Test your reflexes while playing the most dangerous game of jump rope. Mess up and you’ll get sliced, don’t get sliced too much or you’re out. Reach high scores and unlock bonuses in this twitch arcade game.
The free beta received over 225,000 downloads!
I'm Still Here
Horror game inspired by Yahoo Answers
You've just moved into your new apartment but something spooky is going on! Thankfully you've got the internet to help you. Search Wahoo Answers on your laptop to figure out what's going on and maybe you can be happy in your new place.
The free beta received over 75,000 downloads!
Development on these shorts began in 2017 when we made and released free betas for Jump Doper and I'm Still Here. Combined, they have been downloaded over 300,000 times. The success of these two convinced us that there is an audience for more non-traditional games. So we We've updated those two games, and created Tokyo Snap and Smuggle Buddies. These four games are being bundled and released as the Cozy Pitch Pack.
About the team
Cozy Game Pals are a duo of experienced creatives. Bryan is the coder, he has worked on Journey, The Last of Us, and Uncharted 4. Crista is the is the artist, she has worked at Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, FOX, and Warner Bros. We are working together as Cozy Game Pals to add variety to the types of games out there in the world.
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